Top 3 tips to get the office cleaning crew to give your cubicle special attention

Commercial cleaning crews are all about efficiency and speed while being as meticulous as possible. The less obstructions there are, the more thorough clean can be performed. It also opens up an opportunity to ask for a special cleaning task, but please keep it simple and not overly time consuming.

Considering the amount of germs and general sickness that is pervasive within office environments, keeping your own work area and the surfaces within it easily accessible will allow the cleaning crew to perform a far more detailed clean than in cubicles and office spaces that are cluttered and generally inaccessible.
Being organized with the items in your cubicle will not just make the crew’s job easier, it will be appreciated!

Desktop Organization

Simply be a bit organized. Place picture frames and other loose items onto a movable tray that can be lifted and allow the surface they are on to be wiped. File away loose papers, or better yet go paperless! Only having large items like your computer monitor and keyboard for example makes it far easier to quickly clean the surface since there are less objects to move around. Also moving the keyboard to an under-table pull out slide will keep it out of the way.

Wiring Organization

Organize computer, monitor, network and phone cables so that they are tied up into as close a single strand as possible. If this is above your ability, usually asking this from your IT or technical support staff is all that is required. Cable ties that wrap around and bunch common cables, as well as a piece of conduit to wrap over the bundle will make it seem like one main cable, thus allowing for deeper vacuum movement and more thorough dusting.

Simple Items of Appreciation

Leave a special sticky or post-it note with a short message, a piece of candy or any modest thing that recognizes their work and expresses a bit of appreciation. As simple as this sounds, expressing just a smidgen of outreach to those we work with can go a LONG way. In essence, the cleaning crew is really just the second shift! So treating them as co-workers can have lasting and positive effects. is a local office cleaning estimator that services the Tampa, Florida area. They can be reached at:
Office Cleaning Tampa Fl
3030 N Rocky Point Dr W #150
Tampa, FL 33607


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